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7 last minute gifts for Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj is a celebration of love between siblings. This is an occasion to flourish the love, care, affection and sacred feeling of brotherhood. This festival is very similar to Raksha Bandhan. Except, on this day, sisters give gifts to brothers.

Remember that expensive and thoughtful gift your brother bought for you last Raksha Bandhan? So, what did you get him for this Bhai Dooj?

Don’t worry, if you couldn’t find the time to buy an awesome gift for your awesome brother. Here are a bunch of last-minute Bhai Dooj gifts you can buy and get in his good books.

Check out this Bhai Dooj gifts that your brother would absolutely adore


For the brother who loves to travel

If he is a hiker, camper, diver, or a fishing enthusiast, then you have hit the jackpot. Get him a water proof dry bag. He would really appreciate a multi-purpose to keep his things dry while travelling. Besides, this Bhai Dooj gift will remind him about you and he might get you something nice when he goes for the next trip.

For the brother who loves to cook

Drop in a book store and get him a cook book. It is nice to have a recipe ready when the mood to cook strikes. Probably, it will inspire him to cook something  nice for you this Bhai Dooj. At the very least he could look at all those pictures and drool over them.

For the brother with a sweet tooth

Get him a hamper full of chocolates and let him indulge his sweet tooth for a while. The best part is – bigger the hamper, bigger your share. It will almost be like getting yourself a gift for Bhai Dooj


For the brother who has a stressful job

Colorful stress balls are a really good choice if your brother is constantly stressed at work. It will be a good reminder for him to take things easy and shows how much you care. Get one in his favorite color. And, this Bhai Dooj gift is easy on the pocket too.

For the brother who loves to work out

Is your brother a gym enthusiast?Make his Bhai Dooj special and get him home gym equipment. He will be thrilled that he can now work out at home. It is also an adorable way to let him know that you wish and pray for his good health.

For the brother who loves music

Guys dig gadgets. Buy him a portable Bluetooth speaker if loves listening to music wherever he is. You can also get him a mini waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker for Bhai Dooj, so that he can listen to music even while showering.

For the brother who is a nerd

Nerdy men love puzzles. The best Bhai Dooj gift for a nerdy brother is a mirror cube or a Rubik’s cube. Who gets to hog the television while he is off fiddling with the cube? No points for guessing it right.

It’s not the thing but the thought that counts. Whatever gift you choose for this Bhai Dooj, your brother will love the thought and care you put behind it.

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