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Beware India! Mysterious Insect-bite Causing Serious Skin Problems

Riding on city streets at night, sitting under light or dozing without mosquito net may constrain you to go to a specialist as unidentified bug chomp cases have begun making irritation in the nation. Dermatologists claimed that insect bite cases are rampant during winter. Many people have been suffering from the insect bite In India.


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The clinics of dermatologists are full of patients these days due to an unidentified insect bite and subsequent problems. Patients suffering from the sting are having rashes on body parts, especially on the neck, face and hands and they experience severe pain and burning sensation.


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A patient said that burning sensation on the neck was unbearable after the insect bite. Rashes too started appearing. “The infection was controlled after I took the medicines prescribed by dermatologists,” she said. Another patient said she suffered an insect bite at night. “I did not realize what exactly it was. In the morning, rashes appeared on my hand where the insect had bitten, followed by burning sensation. It remained for two days,” she said. Noted dermatologist Dr. Yogesh Zanwar said that cases of insect bites are rampant during winter. “I have been treating at least 15-20 such cases every day. An insect bite is followed by redness and rashes as if acid is rubbed on the skin. Last year also, similar cases were witnessed in India. But this year, the number has increased. I had observed similar cases near Chandigarh. It is suspected that the insect haunting the people could be of Paederus species,” he said. Another dermatologist Dr. Ganesh Mundhada echoed similar views. He said the cases of insect bites have increased this year by around 10% than the last year. Rashes, burning sensation, the formation of blisters and severe pain are some of the symptoms of the insect bite. But the reason behind its rampant occurrence in this region could not be ascertained, said Dr. Mundhada.


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Dr. Neeta Laddha said that the cases are rampant during winter. Insect bite cases came to light during the same period of the last two years, she said. Doctors said that insects generally attack in the evening or at a place which is illuminated. To avoid insect bite, people should wear full sleeved clothing while sleeping, should not ride vehicle without using a helmet and should not rub hastily as acidic fluid in the insect’s body lead to rashes.

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