Surprising Facts About Indian Food That Will Leave You In Splits

Facts About Indian Food That Will Leave You Surprised AF

Before it turned into an art that involved culinary expertise, food in India was about rasas and doshas. Taste or rasa in Sanskrit guides the tongue and it is a balance or disbalance of these rasas that cause or correct the doashas in body. In short, whatever one eats is believed to be the cause and cure of all ailments. Thus, food has been as much as an art & science in our culture which revolves round a delightful culinary tradition. Here are some interesting facts about Indian food.

Indian food is said to be based on six kinds of tastes (rasas)- Sweet(madhura), Salty (lavana), Sour(amala), Pungent(katu), Bitter (tikta) and Astringent (kasya).

If you think there can be nothing more Indian than Gulab Jamun, you are in for a shock. Deep fried balls of dough that were dipped in sugar syrup existed in the Mediterranean region by the name of Luqmat al Qadi, much before they came to India.


Samosa too existed as sambosa in the Middle East much before 13th, 14th century when it came to India.


Daal Chawal/Daal Bhaat is actually said to have originated in Nepal.


Indian consumes 50% of the world whiskey


India has world lowest meat consumption per person


70% of all the spices come from India


Did you know that by the 5th century AD, crystallized sugar was referred to as khanda and this is where the word candy is derived from


Fasten your seatbelts tight, because….

Chicken tikka masala, the hugely popular Indian curry, is NOT Indian. It was invented in Glasgow, Scotland!


And, we are sorry for breaking it to you.


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