Katrina Kaif Revealed Her Favorite Indian Dish

Katrina Kaif Revealed Her Favorite Indian Dish

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is expected to deliver one smashing hit after another with her roles in two of Bollywood’s most awaited films – ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ and ‘Bharat’. Katrina Kaif has titular roles in both these films and both of these are multi-starrers. The beauty is currently in Abu Dhabi, shooting for Bharat, in which she will be seen opposite Salman Khan. The diva, who is quite active on Instagram, yesterday did an impromptu Q&A with her fans and followers, who asked her a number of questions regarding varied topics, from films to her favourite books, her fashion choices and even her favourite foods. When asked which dish was her favourite from the Indian cuisines, she said something that none of us could have guessed!

If you thought that gorgeous Katrina Kaif’s first choice of food from Indian cuisine would be butter chicken or paneer makhni, you are way off. Katrina revealed on Instagram that she preferred dosas above all other Indian dishes! The thin crepe-like dish made from rice flour batter is a part of the south Indian cuisine and is a delicious gluten-free option. Dosas are loved by Indians across the globe and have started featuring in Indian restaurants abroad as well. Dosas have a universal appeal, not just because they’re relatively low in calories, but also because they’re delicious! A cup of warm sambhar along with piping hot, thin and crunchy dosa is comfort food for many Indians.

Katrina Kaif also revealed her favourite cheat meal food and that is something probably all of us indulge in on our own cheat days – pancakes! When she was asked about her favourite food that she loves to eat on her cheat meal, Katrina replied, “The one I’m eating as I type… Pancakessss.” Guess Katrina Kaif isn’t that different from us now, is she? Cheat meals, if done properly, can actually help you stay on course your weight loss or healthy diet. So, indulging in small measures once a week is okay, as long you work out and eat healthy for the rest of the week. Well, we wish Katrina Kaif all the best for her upcoming projects and wish she continues to share her love for food with us!

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