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These Premium Foods Auctioned For a Record INR 19 Lakh

If you think the mangoes you bought yesterday were too expensive, you should probably read about these Japanese melons. One on hand, there are people who haggle for almost everything they buy and then there are people who spend lakhs on a piece of fruit.Yes, you read that right.

Two premium melons fetched a record 3.2 million yen (INR 19,84,538.81) at an auction in Japan, where the fruit is regarded as a status symbol.

Seasonal fruit offerings in Japan routinely attract massive sums from buyers seeking social prestige, or from shop owners wanting to attract customers to ‘ooh and aah’ over the extravagant edibles. The winning bid was placed by a local fruit packing firm for the first Yubari melons to go under the hammer this year at the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market in northern Hokkaido, officials said.

The figure — enough to buy a new car in Japan — topped the previous record for the luxury fruit, which fetched 3.0 million yen two years ago.“Yubari melons are growing well this year as sunshine hours have been long since early May,” said market official Tatsuro Shibuta.


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