Renault Employees Make A Fail Attempt To Steel Duster In Bollywood Style

Renault Employees Steal Duster SUVs From Factory

renault duster

Two employees, who at Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt Ltd had stolen a couple of vehicles from the company’s production facility in Chennai were almost successful in their plan. However, the Police tracked them down and arrested M Arun Kumar, 27, of Tondiarpet and P Marimuthu aka Mohamed Asharaf, 28 for stealing brand new Duster from the facility. The duo had been working in the company’s factory for over seven years now. The two had already sold one vehicle to a customer named Kumar but got arrested while they were looking for the second buyer. An investigating officer told Times of India that the company officials noticed two newly manufactured SUVs missing from the factory on January 22.

The last known date according to the company when the two SUVs were seen in the factory was January 7 when the said vehicles were awaiting their delivery to the Renault showrooms. The two SUVs have now been recovered with fake registration numbers TN10AJ9283 and TN01AV2244 from the suspects. Out of the two SUVs, while one was black and the other one was painted in silver.

thief stealing the car

After getting arrested, the two admitted that they had an easy access to new vehicles as their job was to take the vehicles out and check for any mechanical defects. In order to take the two vehicles out of the yard, they made fake gate passes and after this was done, the two Duster were parked alongside the staff vehicles to prevent being recognized easily.

The two suspects also admitted the limited awareness of the security guards who only note down the registration numbers of the vehicles and not their make. For this reason, to fool the guards, the two entered the premises in used vehicles, exchanged the number plates on the new vehicles and got away.

While the plot seems straight out of Bollywood movie, the suspects were nabbed in the end, proving that getting away with a crime isn’t easy. What’s certain now is that both the thieves won’t be driving any vehicles for a long time now.

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