Virat Kohli Switches To a Vegan Lifestyle. Should You Do It Too?

Should You Too Be Switching To Vegan Lifestyle Like Virat Kohli?

From being a chubby-faced cricketer who loves his homemade delicious Punjabi food, especially his personal favourite, biryani, Virat Kholi has been on a remarkable transformational fitness journey. Kohli’s current diet includes protein shakes, vegetables and soya, as he’s given up eggs and diary for good.

“Kohli started this diet four months ago and is feeling stronger as his digestive power has increased. He isn’t missing meat, eggs or diary. Two years ago, when he was on a normal diet he had said that he would go vegan if given a choice. He is now feeling stronger than before,” claims sources.

The news of captain Kohli turning vegan has stirred the age-old debate over whether the vegan diet is healthy or not. While the Indian skipper’s decision to go vegan might be a part of his fitness journey, it is important to note that many celebrated sports personalities like Serena Williams, Lewis Hamilton and Carl Lewis are already a part of the vegan club and are seen promoting the vegan lifestyle.

What is the vegan diet?

A vegan diet is a completely plant-based diet consisting of vegetables, beans, grains, nuts etc.

Being vegan is different from being a vegetarian, as they still consume dairy and eggs, and it is NOT an abbreviated way to say ‘vegetarian’.

What all can you eat if you’re going vegan?

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Grains
  • Beans and legumes
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Tofu
  • Plant-based oils

The takeaway

However, one must remember that when you are eliminating animal and animal products from your diet, you are also putting yourself at the risk of missing some important nutrients including vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids.

If you are following a strictly vegan diet, make sure that you take additional supplements to balance your diet, as some vitamins like vitamin B12 occur naturally only in animal foods like eggs and milk. In fact, plant-based calcium and iron are not as easily absorbed when compared to the kind in meat.

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